Easy project management for teams.

CleanSheet is a lightweight project/task management service, which allows you to break complex tasks down into manageable pieces, and distribute them within your team.

Requires OS X 10.10+

CleanSheet at a glance

Multiple Views

Select from the built-in views to have your tasks displayed the way you want to see them.


Record important information to your tasks in-place, so that they are available for all in your team.

Unlimited Subtasks

Break your tasks down into manageable pieces, create as many subtasks as you need.

Bulk Editing

Modify multiple tasks simultaneously to save your precious time. Bulk editing is available across all views.


Connect your teammates to share your tasks. Create as many organizations as you need.


Get peace of mind, your data is transferred to our servers securely using industry standard encryption technologies.

Seamless Sync

Work without distraction, syncing takes place in the background allowing you to work at your own pace.

Works Offline

Keep on working when you have no internet connection, and sync your changes once you go online.

Inbox for Incoming Tasks

Inbox for Incoming Tasks

You can see all your incoming tasks in a dedicated list, this is your Inbox. This view gives you a complete picture about your pipeline, so you don't have to worry about missing important things. Here, you can easily sort, prioritize or reassign your tasks.

Daily and Weekly Agenda

Daily and Weekly Agenda

To reduce distraction, you may want to see the tasks that you have to acomplish in the immediate future. This view allows you to see your tasks limited to a particular day or week. You can easily shift tasks between days to have a list that fits into your current day.

Project Structure

Project Structure

Usually, projects are so complex that one or two levels of subtasks are not enough to cover all the details. CleanSheet allows you to create tasks in arbitrary depth. This view shows you the tasks that reside on a particular level. Here, you can easily break your tasks down into subtasks at any level.

Dashboard for Visual Tracking

Dashboard for Visual Tracking

Sometimes, you want to see the big picture of a complex task visualized. Dashboard displays the subtasks of the pinned tasks with colorful blocks allowing you to see the status of them at a quick glance. Here, you can find out which subtasks might block the completion of the pinned tasks.